Our products

Our products

Tents and shelters

  • An image of a village fayre with Otaten event marquees

    Event marquees

    Our event tents have a unique design with key innovative features to withstand harsh weather conditions. They're all 8ft tall with sizes of 16x16ft and 20x20ft.

    We offer decorative trims to create unique and attractive temporary structures for events. These tents are available for purchase and hire.

  • An image of a village fayre with Otaten branded tents

    Branded tents

    We make bespoke branded tents specifically for company promotions and advertisements. These are made to order and we will accommodate custom designs from our clients.

  • An image of a village fayre with an Otaten commercial tent

    Commercial tents

    Tents are made for a variety of occasions such as commercial purposes, technology fairs, social gatherings and food fairs.

    Commercial tents come in different sizes and shapes with an 8ft clearing off the ground

  • An image of a village fayre with Otaten portable shelters

    Portable shelters

    Shelters are made from different fabrics for domestic and industrial purposes, such as car ports or small shelters.

    Corridors and windows are made with durable and quality materials, and are strictly designed to fit your home or office.

Tables and chairs

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